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Delivery and introduction of airplanes fuselages loading ACS in laboratories of TsAGI(CAHI), Russia.
Creation and introduction of the portable diagnostics and life prognosis system of power and high-voltage equipment of the transfer pump stations for TPS «Kurovichi». Enterprise «Friendship», Open corporation «Ukrtransnafta».
Delivery and introduction diagnostics system of electric motors type STD5000 by the methods of spectral analysis of current and voltage on TPS «Kurovichi» (Lviv) of OAO of «Ukrtransnafta».
 Creation and introduction in Ukraine of the stationary system of
monitoring and vibration diagnostics of rotor equipment the transfer pump stations (TPS «Kremenchug»), Enterprise the «Pridneprovskie oil pipelines», Open corporation «Ukrtransnafta».
 Creation and introduction in Republic of Belarus five stationary systems of rotor equipment of the transfer pump stations. An enterprise of RUP «Gomel'transneft' FRIENDSHIP».


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